Individual QSL card templates


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Create your own design now without a template with our online QSL card designer.

Personalize QSL card templates

In our QSL shop you can simply choose one of many templates and edit it quickly and intuitively in the online QSL card designer. Colors, fonts, sizes and personal data such as call signs or locators can be easily edited and viewed in the live preview. Finally, you can order your QSL cards and we will send you the printed copies free of charge within a few days.

QSL card templates

We offer you a variety of QSL card templates from different areas such as maps, abstract or space motifs, both modern and retro designs. We will also gradually expand our template archive.

QSL card printing company: High quality printing and fast shipping

Whether you rarely practice amateur radio as a hobby or are a professional radio operator, our customized QSL cards are the ideal way to share your passion. That’s why you should choose our QSL card printing company:

  • High-quality printing: We rely on first-class printing technology to produce your QSL cards in impressive quality.
  • Creative design: Let your creativity run wild and design your cards according to your wishes or use one of our QSL card templates.
  • Fast Delivery: We understand the importance of time and offer fast delivery times to get your QSL cards in your hands quickly.
  • Live preview: View your QSL cards before they go to print.