Ideas and inspiration for designing beautiful QSL cards

In order to please the recipient as well, the QSL card should look as appealing as possible and be creatively designed. Below we have collected some beautiful specimens. Here you will find ideas and inspiration for your next QSL card design.

QSL cards designs with animal motifs

Very popular are animal motifs, or photos of your own pet. Here you can see how you can creatively set the scene for them.

QSL cards designs with city motifs

Whether it’s an aerial view or a photo of the skyline at night, city motifs are perfect for QSL card design.

QSL cards with technical templates

Antennas, radio accessories and other technical components or the own amateur radio equipment serve as perfect motifs.

Especially creative QSL card designs

Very creative or elaborate designs such as motifs you have drawn yourself.

Classic QSL card designs

Old-looking or classically designed QSL cards have a particularly nostalgic charm.

QSL cards with landscape motifs

Spectacular landscapes and beautiful nature shots are perfect background for your QSL card.

QSL cards using our templates

Here you can see an excerpt of our templates. You can easily customize them yourself, insert your data and have them printed.

Have your ideas printed on QSL cards

In our online designer you can easily design your QSL cards yourself. We are also happy to help you with the design. For the less creative radio amateurs, we offer a wide range of QSL card templates which can be easily customized.