Discover the world of the amateur radio hobby: how to collect and maintain QSL cards

Collecting QSL cards as a hobby is a great way to explore the world of radio communications and share your passion for technology.

QSL cards, also known as confirmation cards, are used by radio amateurs to confirm their contacts with other radio amateurs. These cards often contain information such as frequencies, dates, locations, and even personal messages.

Which QSL cards you want to collect depends on your own preference. For example, some radio amateurs collect maps of specific countries or areas, while others focus on specific frequency ranges or radio technologies. Some also collect cards from famous radio amateurs or from special occasions such as world radio exhibitions.

Collecting QSL cards does not require much equipment or expensive investment. A simple binder or folder is sufficient to keep the cards safe. Some collectors also use special albums designed specifically for QSL cards.

An important aspect of collecting QSL cards is communicating with other radio amateurs. Many radio amateurs meet regularly at radio meetings or club events to share their collections and exchange experiences. Online forums and social media groups also provide a platform for collectors to communicate with each other and share tips.

Collecting QSL cards can also be a great way to explore the history and culture of different countries and areas. Many maps contain interesting information about the places from which they were sent, such as landscape, culture, traditions and sights.

You can find inspiration for designing your own cards here or at the following link.

Have your ideas printed on QSL cards

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