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What is a QTH locator?

In amateur radio, the QTH locator is often used to provide position information. The QTH locator or Maidenhead locator usually consists of a string of 6 characters and is used to specify a location based on longitude and latitude. The basis is the division of the earth’s surface into 18 × 18 (324) largest fields, each largest field into 10 × 10 (100) large fields and each large field into 24 × 24 (576) small fields, which are used to indicate the position.
The abbreviation QTH is a Q key from Morse telegraphy and means “My location”. The abbreviation is often used in amateur radio as a synonym for location.

With the Maidenhead Locator, position information is possible with an accuracy of 5′ long and 2′ 30″ wide, which in Germany corresponds to an approximate accuracy of 6.33 km in the longitude direction and 4.63 km in the latitude direction.