DX Cluster

You can narrow down the DX cluster via the selection field for bands. Clicking on a call sign will take you to the corresponding page on QRZ.com. The DX cluster is updated every 10 seconds.

Spotter Frequency DX Country Comment Band Date / Time (UTC)

What is a DX cluster

DX clusters are worldwide networked servers which collect messages from active radio amateurs and distribute them to all connected participants. The messages, called DX spots, contain the following information:

  • Spotter (call sign)
  • Time
  • Radio station callsign
  • Frequency
  • Ribbon
  • Comment about reception quality or similar (optional)

Active radio amateurs or shortwave listeners use DX clusters to get timely information about activities on the amateur radio bands. Radio amateurs have the opportunity to report a radio station if they have heard a rare or special station on one of the various bands.
As soon as a DX cluster receives a new message, it is sent to the connected participants and to all other DX clusters. In addition, analysis of multiple DX cluster messages can be used as an indicator of propagation conditions and how they are changing.