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Design your individual QSL cards online yourself and order the desired number of pieces. In our QSL card printing shop we print your cards in high quality and deliver within a few days. You can either choose from a variety of templates or design them completely yourself.

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Choose from a variety of QSL card templates or create your own design.


Change data and colors or design completely yourself in the intuitive editor.


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The QSL card: what is it and what is it for?

QSL cards are an important way for radio amateurs to confirm their contacts with other radio operators. Cards are usually exchanged after a successful connection, serve as proof of the connection, and can be sent either by mail or electronically through a QSL bureau. There is also the possibility to send the cards via online services. There are many different types of QSL cards, from simple handwritten cards to professionally printed cards with photos and other information.

They are also a great way to document the history of radio. Many radio amateurs collect these from around the world and use them to track their radio successes and progress. There are also many contests and awards based on the number and variety of cards collected.

In our online store we offer personalized QSL cards, which you can either design completely yourself or based on a template.

Overall, QSL cards are indispensable to radio amateurs and a great way to document the history of radio. Under the following link you will find more information about the structure and use.

QSL cards printing company: order and print online

The various design options make them beautiful and sought-after collectibles among radio amateurs and your very own personal business card. In the configurator of our QSL webshop you can easily design your QSL card yourself and e.g. upload your own pictures or choose one of our QSL card templates and easily customize it.

Once you have designed your own QSL card and entered your personal data such as locator and callsign on the back, you can select a quantity, add it to the shopping cart and order it in our store.

In our QSL card printing shop your order will be printed in perfect quality and shipped within a few days free of shipping costs within Germany.

Intuitive online configurator: create QSL card designs yourself

With the simple online configurator in our QSL webshop you can design your QSL cards individually yourself, without a complicated graphics program like Photoshop. For example, the following elements are editable depending on the template:

  • Font (size, font type, font weight, etc.)
  • Sizes
  • Positions
  • Colors
  • Images
  • Backgrounds / Images
  • Graphic elements

You can also create your QSL card without a template and upload and use your own images, logos and graphics.